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i am 19 wks prego n not showing...

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everytime i tell someone im pregnant they ask how long and i say 19 weeks but they never believe me...they say im so little and i dont even look 3 months....iv been told by my dad and step mom that im not being a good mom and eating enough because i should be bigger by now but when i eat alot it makes me dr told me to start gaining wieght and that my medabolism should be going down so i gain more weight but it hasnt it a bad thing that i havent gained weight or anything...? it really makes me feel like a bad mom becuase i cant keep my baby healthy while its in the womb how will i be able to do it when its born....?

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I didnt really start showing until around 25ish weeks.I'm 30 weeks now,and I STILL have a tiny baby bump!if youre eating right and doing whatever you can,then don't worry. everyone is different and if your doctor tells you everything is going as planned at your check ups,then you're fine!I'm just concidering myself lucky that I wont have a whole lot of baby weight to lose after!
dont let ur dad say that to u! as long as ur eating and taking ur vitamins ur doing good.. im 19 weeks and am starting to show..but only my family notices the difference..i have only gained 2 pds and i eat alot so idk y only 2..but as long as ur babys healthy that all that matters
I am 18 weeks and as of my last doctor's visit I had not gained any weight either. The only people who even notice a change is my close family and friends. My doctor told me its normal and that I would gain weight eventually. I also can not eat huge meals because it  makes me feel very bloated and just stuffed. I munch on smaller meals and snacks so that I can try to get most of my nutrients into my body. 
Every woman is different.  I didn't start showing until around 24 weeks.
i started showing at 17 weeks when i was pregnant with my daughter nicole but my friend didnt start showing untill she was 28 weeks
Dnt feel bad.. I have a friend who is As many months as I am.. (6months) and I have a huge belly bump and I swear she doesnt even look pregnant... at 24 weeks. Every womans body is different, i've learned. Yur baby should be healthy and well. So dont stress over it. It'll be better for you in the long run. Less weight to lose. Unlike me who is gaining Wayyyy too muchh weight, Wayyyy too fast! =/
i didn't show till 35 weeks.

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