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I am 20yo and my husband is 22yo and we are in our 3rd month of TTC is there any way to stop thinking about it?

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We are very mature and ahead for our ages (have bought a house 2 years ago, own a new car, both have secure good paying jobs) and we want to start a family early so that we have the energy and time to spend with them. No one in my family has ever had problems concieving - in fact i'll be the first to have to try at all my mother aunt etc all found out with out ever meaning to. The fact that it hasnt happened yet is a little concerning and I just want to know how much to worry. Thanks!

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Im gonna tell you what everyone says, JUST RELAX!  being to nervous and stressed can have a negative effect on your body. make sure your taking a prenatal vitamin already, even though your not pregnant. and most of all enjoy your alone time with your husband. it gets to the point where your just having sex to make a baby and it might have a negative effect on yours and your husbands relationship. light some candles, put on some romantic music, and just have a nice night with your hubby. hope this helps!!
It's too early in TTC to worry about not getting pregnant. That being said, if you don't try at the right time of the month you won't get pregnant. You may want to learn more about the Fertility Awareness Method (FAM). Since everyone doesn't ovulate on day 14 FAM has you pay closer attention to your cervical fluid and a few other factors. Then you are more aware of when you're about to ovulate and you can time sex when it will be the most beneficial (I know, so romantic). We've been trying for #2 for several months, the first month I paid closer attention to everything with FAM we conceived. FAM helps people who don't have fertility issues, but timing issues.
Thank you both so much for your answers! Maybe deep down I knew there was nothing to worry about yet but it really helps to hear it from someone other than my own mother! Thanks again!

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