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i am 21 weeks and my baby weighs 8 oz is that a good?

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You're still very, very early on in your pregnancy, about half way through it.  If your doctor told you that your baby in fact weighs 8 oz. and didn't seem concerned or bothered by it, then you're fine.  You and your baby won't start to gain a significant amount of weight until the third trimester, which is absolutely normal.  During the final weeks, you should be gaining a pound or two a week, where your baby will be gaining half an ounce to an ounce a day. 
Don't forget that just because this website or the next says your baby should weigh a certain amount at a certain week that its the golden truth. Many are estimates and averages, not fact to follow. Your baby has alot of growing still and most of the bulk weight doesn't occur till last trimester. For now light weight is working on all the functional aspects of life not the fattening up. So congrats and enjoy being little while you can!

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