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I am 21 weeks and my screening for down sydrome came back abnormal, i'm being sent for more test but i heard that these test cause a risk of miscarriage is this true/

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I had the same thing. An abnormal test. They have done a detailed ultrasound with a specialist to see. So far so good but I have to have another in a week to check my baby's heart. The only way to know for sure about Down's is an amnio test. That does carry a risk for miscarriage or preterm labor. I was told 1 in 200 risk. We chose not to do it because of the risk. You have the choice. We are continuing with the ultrasound for the heart so we can be prepared if she has a heart defect. We are not going to willingly risk her life just to know cause it won't make a diffrence at this point unless you want to terminate. They can check her heart and all the other stuff with a detailed ultrasound. Ask your doctor. You should be given choices and be able to make your own decision on what you feel is best. That is what we did!!
Bravo, Kmeacham!  I opted out of the triple screen altogether (that initial screening) because I'm not going to abort a baby either way.  I've read that if your triple screen comes back with a lame result, chances are less than 0.5% that your baby actually has Down Syndrome (so, essentially, for every 200 women who are scared with the idea of a baby with it, only 1 actually has it).  The amniocentesis is a slightly risky test, so I would only actually go through with it if you know you would abort a baby with Down Syndrome.   The issue I had with doing the triple screen is that there's nothing I can do to change my child's genetic makeup, so I don't want to worry my whole pregnancy away.  Cortisol and other stress hormones can stress the baby out, so I want to stay as relaxed as possible.  If you can stay relaxed without knowing for sure, skip the test.  However, if you're just going to worry until the baby is born, it would make sense to have the test, risk aside.  This is only my opinion, though; your friends and family know you better. Good luck!
The only good thing about this for me is finding out of  possible heart defect. I live in a small area that would not be equipped with what it need for my baby if she has something wrong with her heart. At least this way I can know in advance so I can be in a hospital better prepared for heart issues. So the detailed ultrasound worked out best for us. It can help prepare you little better for more serious issues so you can be in the best place possible to deliver. Good Luck!!
I did the tripple screen with my last baby 1yr old yesderday!  Everthing came out great, he was perfect and tests showed no abnormalities.  This time around, so far so good.  Since I'm almost 19wks, i couldn't terminate.  I would like to do further tests probably with high tech ultrasound.  I would wanna know exactly how much I possibly could about what the problems where & the course of action the Dr.s where planning on taking well before the birth.  I would also get atleast a second opinion.  There may be nothing wrong at all.  I would also want to know where the safest hospital was to deliver at & if they neede to move the baby, i would want to be close.  The babies that have a great support system seem to do better.  The baby can feel your presence & know who the parents are and they need that love around them to have the will to fight.  I'm probably jumping way ahead of things, but I've been a nurse since 1996 & I try to think of everything.  I hope your baby is healthy & wish you the best.
I had the same scare. They told me my baby could have down syndrome. I looked into the risks for the amniocentesis. I would never abort my baby, regardless of the results, but I feel that a lot of preparation is in order if I have a baby with special needs. I did have the amniocentesis test and am awaiting the results. (should have the in 2 days) They test was a scary thing, the needle is huge, but at the same time, the specialist the did it had a 3D ultrasound running the entire time so we saw exactly what my baby was up to. I did leak a little amniotic fluid a couple of days after the test, which scared the crap out of me, but all is good, now. No one can tell you whether or not to have the test, it is a scary one to have, but I know I will be ready and able when my baby boy is born for what condition he has, if any. Mainly, if I wondered the entire 19 weeks of the rest of my pregnancy, I would ultimately stress myself to the point of sickness - which is also not good for the baby. The percentages I have been told and have found on my own research are all different, from wha t is listed in the submissions in this blog to what my doctor told me to across the board on the internet. From what I can gather, the blood screening results are between 60-80% accurate. The amnio is 99.9% accurate. The risk is 0.05% of miscarraige or damage to your child in the procedure. Good luck to you all and love you baby, no matter what! I know I will!

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