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I am 22 weeks pregnant is it too late to change my OB?

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I like my OB but I went on a hospital tour and I don't feel comfortable there. The hospital recovery rooms for after delivery are really small and they don't do anything for their patients. I know that I'm probably just being picky but I want to feel comfortable/safe since I'm going to have a C-section. What should I do?

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Check with your insurance company to see where they will cover your hospital stay and doctor's appointments the most.  Then speak with your doctor.  Get his/her opinion of the hospital - they may service more than one hospital if you have several in your area.  Bottom line, you need to be comfortable and at 22 weeks it's definitely not too late to change.  With my first son the hospital was great, new, beautiful.  With my second son the recovery rooms were on a different floor than the nursery, the rooms were small, ugly and when you looked out the window you saw a brick wall.  I couldn't wait to get out of there, so I get where you are coming from.  Check out your options and you will more than likely be in the hospital for 2 days minimum so you want to be comfortable.  Hope this helps!
It is never too late to change for any reason. I agree with the first poster - make sure everything is kosher with the insurance company before making any changes. You definitely want to be comfortable with your dr, the nurses and the surroundings. Good luck!
You could change O/B's 8 time's  in the next 12 week if you wanted to and it would not make a differences. Just make sure you insurance company will cover it.

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