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I am 24 weeks and my baby stopped moving about 8 hours ago.I am so worried don't know what to do.

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drink a big glass of orange juice and give it a bit of time and see if your baby starts moving. if not, then call your dr. i was told if i had any doubt about the babys movements, drink oj and give it some time and that gives the baby a bit of energy and she should move quite a bit. it seems to work. ive drank oj a few times before i laid down so just i can relax and feel her move around.
the baby may just be resting.  drink some oj or something with a little sugar in it.  eat something and maybe put some music on your belly.  do a kick count.  if you are worried call your doctor, they may tell you the same thing or they may tell you to go in to be seen.  remember above all relax, it doesn't do you or the baby any good to get extremely worked up or nervous.  sometimes they just need rest too.
usually some soda pop will work the gassie bubbles and suger gets them going
When my baby stopped moving I freaked out. A nurse brought me some really cold apple juice and told me to drink it really fast. Then my son beat up my insides for the rest of the night. Good Luck.
drink a bottle (16oz) of orange juice & lay on your left side for about 30-45 minutes. this is what my dr told me to do & sure enough, my baby started moving.
Thank you all for ur advise i did the orange juice and a few hours later she started moving

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