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I am 30 weeks and having terrible cramps?!

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I am 30 weeks along and having really bad cramps.. The only way that I know how to describe them is to compare them to menstrual cramps.. I really very rarely got those even.. but when I did they were intense and I would take the pamprin and use a heating pad to get rid of them.. these are the same.. the lower part of my stomach and terrible especially when I move around much.. onyl been having them for the past 2 days and Im not bleeding at all or anything so I am not sure if I should be concerned or not.. I have a 15 month old but really dont ever remember getting them with her.. any suggestions are greatly appreciated.. =)

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You should definitely call your dr. Sometimes contractions can feel like cramps. Also, if you get dehydrated then that can cause you to have contractions. It's not something you want to just put off cause you never know if its something serious. I hope all goes well. Good luck. :)
Thanks for the advice and I did end up callling the dr and she had me go see her right away.. they were contractions.. not really strong but real contractions all the same and I am not having to take medication every 4 hours to keep them from getting any worse and am pretty much on bed rest to see how things go.. thanks for the advice again =)

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