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I am 32 wks I've been getting bad headaches with a good diet help

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I drink lots of water and eat full meals and small snacks but still have the headaches occasionally

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Me too!  I thnk it just comes with growing a baby.  Everything changes and is just a little different.  Sometimes your headaches might be brought on by things you aren't thinking can cause them.  If my back is tight and tense it makes my neck tense which causes a headache.  At 32 weeks your back is probably sore and you don't realize that your neck is too which could cause your headache.  Try a pregnancy massage.  My hubby is the son of a chiropractor so he just adjusts my neck and rubs my lower back and it seems to help mine.  That's an option too, but some people aren't comfortable with a chiropractor.  If you aren't then try a neck massage to ease tension.  You can also take tylenol to ease the discomfort.  :)
Its definitely part of the process. I have headaches all the time. Just try to relax a bit and take some tylenol when you feel one coming on.
I have been going to the chiropractor and sometimes this helps with my headaches other times it just helps with the body aches lol.. Depending on how bad your headaches are ask your dr about them.. I get them to the point of migraines and its unbearable, especially with an active 16 month old running around not like I have time to lay down and have some quiet so the dr has prescribed me some meds that are safe during pregnancy and work wonders good luck =)

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