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i am 37 weeks and 3 days... im having this constant pain in my back like i pulled a muscle or something it hurts so bad! what is it

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I am 34 weeks along and a new mommy, so my ideas on it from getting information from my doctors it sounds like a huge contraction towards the back area. because I was told that any kind of muscle pain any where is a contraction I would probably call your doctor right away.
i am 39 weeks pregnant today, and i started having really low backpain which sounds just like what you are having in may. i was 26 weeks at the time. i was in preterm labor!! it was a complete shock i though i pulled a muscle at work since im a server but i got put on bedrest for 9 weeks then back to normal activity after 34 weeks. if it is very  painful i would suggest going to the hospital or calling your doctor because you could be dialating, or your cervix could be opening up! good luck :)

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