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I am 37 wks pregnant n i been 2 to 3cm dialated for a few days n no progress.Is that normal?how long can i stay like this?

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yeah that is normal I was dialated to 2 with both my boys i had to be induced with my firstone and my waterbroke with the second one and i had to be induced. It is very normal and you could stay like that for the rest of your pregnancy it just depends.
Weeks. I sat at 4 cm for almost 2 weeks before my doc could induce me at 38 weeks to the day.
my sister was like that until a week past her due date. she had to be induced
I went from 3-4 weeks to labors came on naturally one had to be induced after due date.
I was 2cm dialated at week 32 and still had to be induced at week 41....It is not as much dialated that mathers they told me, it is how much effaced you are to
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