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I am 4months pregnant and my stomache isn't hard or beginning to show at all. i haven't gained any weight or anything either. I'm just a little concerned on this because I am a first time mom. Can anyone offer any advice?

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I am 32 weeks pregnant with my first.  I didn't start to show until about my 5th month and I had actually lost weight (due to all the morning sickness). I was worried too, that I wasnt showing and gaining weight and that maybe something was wrong.  Everything was just fine and needless to say, Im no longer complaining that I havent gained any weight....I've gained plenty of weight.  It seemed to have it all the sudden.  Dont worry, Im sure everything is fine.  If you have any questions or worries, definitely contact your doctor. Good luck!
Hi Candie--I am now 22 weeks pregnant (with twins!).I lost 10 lbs in the first two months - not from morning sickness but from the absence of white wine! I probably started to show right around week 16, but at certain angles and in certain clothes I didn't look pregnant. I think my stomach just started to get hard in the last two weeks, so week 19-20.I have three friends/co-workers who are due the same week as me, and we look markedly different. One gained a ton of weight right away and felt a kick around week 18. No kicks for me yet. No breasts to speak of, either!As long as you are making all of your doctors appts (every 4 weeks for most gals) you should be in good hands.Good luck, mommy-to-be! 
Yes it is completely normal, I am 23 weeks, have not gain any weight, but am expecting my third child.  You can not even tell that I am pregnant, I just now told a lot of friends and they keep asking are you really.  So do not worry.  As long as your dr. has no concerns everything should be fine.  Just wait you will get bigger, around 7 months is when I finally go really big and started gaining weight with my last pregnancy.  so be patient and do not rush gaining weight the more you gain the harder it is to get it off. good luck and enjoy it.
Also keep in mind that the way you carry your baby may be different.  My baby is very low and so I stick out a lot because he pulls my stomache forward all the way down.  But I have friends who carry almost straight up and down so you can't even tell they are expecting.  I've heard it called, "hiding it well" I think.  That you just don't look like you are pregnant.  But if you still fit in your jeans consider yourself lucky!  I have totally given up on mine and switched to maternity pants and I'm not even 5 months along.  I haven't gained much weight but it is all at my pant line because that's where my baby likes to hang out.Each woman's body is different and just make sure you are taking care of yourself, exercising, and eating healthy. :)
It's normal. :) First time mamas don't tend to show until later in their pregnancies.
Yeah, the bellies don't tend to show - I didn't 'pop' noticeably until 17 weeks, and even then only myself and the hubbs could tell.  My boobs were a different story - 3 cup sizes in the first 4 months!  Definitely gained some from those, but if your chest hasn't grown, don't worry about weight gain yet.
As long as the doctors say everything looks ok I dont think there is reason for concern. It also has alot to do with your prepregnancy weight. I also believe that all the talk about what you are supposed to gain is just an idea and def helps when some of us do gain atleast that much or more because then we can assuer ourselves its ok!lol

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