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I am 5weeks pregnant

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Dont know what to do about the headaches and I have taking something for it and ate and still I have bad headaches. What should I do.

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Try drinking more water.  Headaches are a common 'side effect' of dehydration.  If that doesn't help, my doctor said Tylenol is safe to take, but make sure your doctor thinks so, too.
Tylenol has always been safe for me to take.  You don't want to take an ibprofren drugs (advil, etc), but tylenol is a good headache reliever.  Mrs. C is right though defnitely drink more water.  Your body is trying to adjust to growing a person and it takes a lot more than you think.  Be sure you are taking your prenatals now too!  :)
I use an ice pack when I have headachs. You really don't want to take anything stronger than Tylenol unless your dr says it's ok.
Tylenol is all you can take, hon.  It sucks, I know but its whats best for the baby.  Try resting more, ice packs, have your signifigant other rub your head.  But there is nothing else until the little one is out.

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