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I am 6-7 weeks, have been experiencing cramping is this normal? This is not my 1st my daughter is 17 so needless to say I have forgotten.

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I am having sharp cramps and not sure what this means..

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I am 6 weeks pregnant and also get occasional cramps. My doctor said this is normal and other mothers I have spoken to said that they also got cramps during the first trimester.
some cramping is  normal in the beginning but you should have your doctor do an ultrasound to make sure everything is ok. i have 4 kids and i had some light cramping with my first 2 and more cramping with the last 2. My 2yr.old son was a twin but the other one was in my falopian tube so there was alot of cramping with him and with my last daughter 8wks old, I had a cyst type of thing growing with her above her bag, that was hormone induced from the pregnancy, which is fairly common I guess, burt that caused alot of cramping. So both issues although common, could have been extramely dangerous if they weren't found. So although your cramping could be normal, it may also not be normal. So get checked to be sure!Better safe than sorry!
What does the cramping feel like? If it feels similar to menstrual cramps it is more than likely normal. The reason you feel cramping is because your uterus is growing.Some occasional cramping is caused by the ligaments stretching and usually felt on the sides of the pelvis. Constant cramping with tenderness in the lower abdomen and if pain worsens with coughing, bowel movements, or moving, if pain becomes sharp and steady you may have an ectopic pregnancy. It's probably nothing to worry about just the regular growing and stretching of the uterus. Either way see you doctor and mention your symptoms just to be safe.

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