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I am 6 months pregnant with my first and have restless legs!

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My legs get so restless at night. First I start off the day with very sore, swollen feet, and by the time I try to relax at night and put them up, my legs are very restless and I just can't get comfortable. Everyone says I should elevate my feet because of the swelling, but that seems to make the restless leg worse. Not sure how to get comfortable! Please help!

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I had the same problem. I usually had to get up and stretch my legs. Lunges seemed to work. I also would curl up on my side and tuck a pillow between my legs. Have your doctor check your iron, it could be low.
Ok I will try the stretching and lunges.  Already use a pillow between my legs.  And you are right, my iron is low.  Have been taking an iron supplement since the beginning because of first blood work, and they just told me it isn't enough and to double it.  Fun times.
Try eating a banana a day seems to help with restless legs. Take a unopened pop can and roll it back and forth with your feet and extending your legs..i read that in a pregnancy book when I was pregnant. And it seemed to help with my restless legs when I was pregnant. And if you can take baths take a hot bath and soak your legs.
I have the same problem nearly every night! I've noticed on days where I am especially worn out it is worse. I take a tylenol or 2 and it helps a lot. The hot baths also help but doesn't make it go away for me. Good luck.

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