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i am 6 weeks along but look about this normal?

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a am 5'1 and before getting pregnant, i was about i gaining too much weight? i had a miscarriage in january of this year but was barely showing when i had, it seems that i am twice the size as i was before!! any ideas on why this is??

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dont worry its normal when i was pregnant with my daughter i looked like 14 weeks when i was only 6 weeks
i feel like a fatty lol...i know some women do not even begin to show til their 4th or 5th month..and i am definitely not one of them! i am not upset about it though...were you?
I actually started showing before I even took the first hpt! I just thought I was getting way fat at first until I figured it out lol. You tend to show quicker the more times you've been pregnant is what I've heard but that doesn't really fit your situation. It's normal though. Each pregnancy is different just like each mommy is different! :)
I am 5'1'' and was the same 110 lbs before I got pregnent I'm 10 weeks and look like 4 months or more so dont feel bad I thought the same thing

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