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I am 6 weeks and a few days pregnant and i have no appetite is this ok

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That is absolutely normal. I know I was not wanting to eat much at first either. Your body knows what it is doing. Your appetite will come back. Try to eat nutrient dense when you do feel like eating.Good luck :)
its normal i was having this problem too when i was pregnant with my daughter dont worry your appetite will come back
It's normal.  Your appetite will come and go.  As long as you are taking your prenatal vitamins then your body is getting most of what it needs.  Definitely do not deprive yourself of food and stay hydrated.  Hydration helps to ward off preterm labor.  I'm 25 weeks along and there are days where I could care less about eating, I still eat small meals for my growing little one; but then there are days where I could eat us out of house home and the local grocery store.  lol!  :)
It's normal! :)  Don't worry. At the beginning of my pregnancy, the last thing I wanted to look at or hear about was food.  Now I'm 36 weeks and I can't get enough! lol  Your appetite will come back, but when you do eat, please make sure it's healthful! ;)

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