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I am 6 wks and having severe headaches Im not sure what to take or what to do?

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I am right there with you and I recommend Tylenol. It's pretty much the only thing we are allowed to take. If you are able to see your doctor, ask them and read directions on bottles carefully. I had a horrible headache and all I had was Tylenol Extra Strenth. A really good friend of mine is an EMT and he suggested taking only one pill of the tylenol pm and I felt tons better about an hour later. Also maybe a cool compress on your head if you are iffy about medicine right now.
go see your doc. don't let anyone tell you anything else. it's probably nothing, but at this early you don't want to take any chances. I had serious sinus headaches while I was pregnant and went to see my doc, she gave me lots of things to try. go see your doc!!
I know that with my first pregnancy I had horrible headaches up until the 4th month.  I later realized it was because I no longer was drinking caffeine. 
It could be due to withdrawls from caffine or ciggerate smoking as well as not drinking enough water. It is more important now to actually make sure you are geting enough fluids while your pregnant and the best things to drink are water,milk,and juice, or decaffinated tea just make sure you don't drink sodas or anything with alot of caffine because it can cause birth defects. also and while it is ok to take tylenol it's best if you just deal with it and as always talk to a proffestional. hope this helps.

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