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I am 6wks pregnant, last week I went to the dr's and they saw the sac but no baby is that normal?

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When the doctor said he/she didn't see a baby... did they tell you it wasn't normal?  Your doctor should've told you if it's NOT normal.  If they did a vaginal ultrasound, they can see the baby.  It's extremely small to begin with, and probably doesn't have arms or legs yet [think of a cocktail shrimp].
Your doctor should have told you. They usually tendto wait to do the first ultrasound until you are atleast 8 weeks pregnant and they usually do a vaginal ultrasound. If you are consurned I would call and talk to your doctor.
Yes I agree with the others.  That the doctor should have told you if this was normal or not.  But odds are that the baby was just to small for them to see right now. Your doctor may even be waiting to do another ultrasound when you are closer to the 10-12 week mark so that they can tell better.  I wouldn't worry though the baby was probably just to small to see.   If you are really worried you can always call your doctors office and ask if you can talk to a nurse or the doctor about this.  It may take them a bit to get back to you on it, but at least you will know what they are doing about it. 
He said it was normal and there was nothing to worry about because I just wasn't as far along as I thought. It u/s lady saw the baby but she said the baby was very small. I am just worried because I had a miscarriage in october.  

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