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I am 7 week pregnant and I am already "showing".

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My stomach pokes out so much that I have had to start wearing maternity jeans. Is this common? This is my second pregnancy and it wasn't like this with my first one. Of course I was 8 years younger and a lot thinner back than too. Please help?

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Your uterus has already done this before so it's stretching more, earlier. But 7 weeks seems early for "showing".It may just be that your clothes are a little tighter on you than they were 8 years ago and you're bloated and starting to grow. I started showing late in the 2nd trimester with my first pregnancy 7 years ago and this time started showing at 13 weeks.
I have heard that with the second child you start showing sooner because the body has been through it before.  I am 5 weeks and am showing.  Sometimes I swear I have more than one in there.  I also have a friend that started showing at 7 weeks. It just depends on your body.
Every lady is different. Don't worry momma its all a part of cooking a healthy baby. My sister gained weight really fast with her second. Her doctor said the same thing...your body has done this before and is already loose so it gears up more readily second, third ect. time around. As long as you are eating healthy then you'll be fine. Every body is different and beautiful...its all about baby and whats best for little one at this point.
Since this is your 2nd pregnancy your abs are not as tight, so you probably would show sooner...but 7 weeks does seem very quick.  The "showing" this early is also be affected by gas and constipation (due to slower digestive tract) and how much weight you have already gained.  Do you notice that you look more pregnant by the end of the day? (Probably because of everything you ate and drank).  Eat healthy, start walking and make sure you get enough fiber and water in your diet to use the bathroom a few times a week.  I thought that I was "showing" early, but once I started using the bathroom more regularly I didn't "show" as much. You will be fine, just be healthy for you and the baby.

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