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i am 8 weeks pregnant and i look about 4 to 5 months is it normal

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It can be. Its all got to do with where the baby implants in the uterus. Plus your weight and how fit you were before you got prego plays a part. I wouldn't worry about it especially if your dr isn't concerned. Good luck! :)
could be..everyones different
it could be when i was pregnant with my daughter kylie i looked like i was 4 months when i was only 6 weeks
Everyone and every pregnancy is different.  You shouldn't compare yourself to others.  Eat right, get plenty of sleep and try to have a healthy pregnancy for you and your growing little one.  Depending on your body type you could be showing just the way you are meant to.  I'm just now 6 months pregnant and have looked 6 months pregnant for 2 or 3 months now.  It's just the way I carry my babies.  I'm sure your beautiful and you'll get used to the way your new body looks.  Good luck & enjoy!  :)
Have you had an ultrasound yet? I might want to check in to see if there is more then one baby in there!

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