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I am about 5 wks late and all the test keep coming up negative.

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I took four home pregnancy test two came up negative the other 2 no result and a blood test that showed up negative? Can anyone help???

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if the blood trst came back neg then ur not pregnant..have u been stressed lately? sometimes that causes ur period to be late
Your missed period could be due to Stress, the weather changing up or if you just made a major move from where you were livin to a new area, that all could cause you to be late. just to to stay calm and relaxed.
If you want to pregnant bad enough your mind can trick your body in to showing the signs of pregnancy. The missed period, weight gain, morning sickness even a rounded belly. Try to relax and just let things happen. If you are really wanting to get prego then the best position is guy on top with your legs on his shoulders. Good luck! :)
if the blood test came back negitive then your not pregnant but if you really wanna get pregnant you should try your man on top with your legs on his shoulders it helps his little swimmers get to your egg it worked for me good luck!!!!!!
Thank you all for the help.But I have not been stressed and I dont want to be pregnant bad enough as to where my mind would trick me.My doctor said I was fine but if I have not started by the first week or so of next month she wants me to have another test done.Thanks again!
OMG  Mommy & Cutieee!!!  That's not how I got pregnant with any of my 3, but that made me laugh so hard!!  It was just funny that you both gave the same positional advice.  Too funny!  Thanks for the giggle on a Monday morning. Good luck Chrissy.  Take your time and it will happen when it's supposed to happen.  :)
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