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i am almost 30 weeks pregnant and just started throwing up a yellow acid like substance, is this normal?

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i have been drinking nothing but water and gingerale all day. i have not eaten anything except a few crackers all day but even the crackers had me in the bathroom throwing up.

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It is just stomach acid, part of the heartburn / acid reflux problem.  Stop the gingerale, it is acidic...if you were just nauseous it might help, but unfortunately it's just adding more acid to what your body is already producing.  Keep hydrated, and eat tiny bits of crackers and such to help quell the acid.  Don't eat any big meals, just more tiny meals.  Remember, dairy products are also may help to look up a list of foods to avoid when you have heartburn, and see what meds your doc may approve to help.  I've had this happen with all my's gross, and it's irritating, but it will all be worth it!

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