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I am almost 31 weeks and my doctor says that my uterus is measuring 4 weeks ahead of what it should be and he said that he was going to keep a close eye on it. Does anyone know what this means? This is my 5th baby and this has never happened to me before.

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Well, he's probably worried about gestational diabetes.  The normal thing is to test a woman in the late-20-week range - did you get this test?  It's the one where you have to drink an icky sugary drink (or eat jellybeans or something), wait an hour, then have blood drawn.  If you haven't gotten it yet and your doc hasn't prescribed it, ask! Good luck with everything!
Oh, also wanted to mention that if you're ever confused by what something means, you really need to ask your doctor...  If you don't trust your doc, get a new one!
I've already had the diabetes test a few weeks ago and the doctor said everything came back normal.
A friend of mine was measuring a couple weeks ahead of what she was and her doctor was worried about her having the baby earlier than the due date. So they kept an eye on her and towards the end it evened it's self out and she started to measure more on time with her due date.  I always measure a couple weeks ahead towards the end and both of my boys were born 2 weeks early. So your doctor might be wondering about that. 

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