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i am in the beginninq of my 2nd trimester and i'm not showing at all. My dr. told me as long as im vomiting then i am okay. :o(. Should i be worried at all?

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I didn't start showing until I was 7 1/2 mo. preggo. Now I feel like a huge basketball has been inserted into my belly! lol About the vomiting thing I don't quite understand what you mean.
I didn't start showing until my 25th week....I'm not sure I understand why vomiting would indicate a healthy pregnancy. I didn't have any vomiting after the 13th week with either of my pregnancies....
There is no need to worry, some women don't show until their third trimester. I didn't start showing with my daughter until about 7 months pregnant. I'm don't completely understand your doctor's comment about the vomiting. But I believe that if you are still vomiting that could be the reason you are not gaining alot of weight, in other words that could be the reason for you not showing.
The reason your Dr. said that as long as you're vomitting you're ok is because high levels of HcG and Estrogen usually cause nausea & vomitting, which indicates no issues with you... but at the same time there are plenty of women who never vomit during pregnancy and some that only have it the first trimester... basically it amounts to each woman is different.And NO you have no reason at all to worry about not 'showing' the way your pelvis is tilted and the placement of your hips and many other things can determine if you show or not and how soon. Some woman never show, and others never feel their babies movement because they have a very thick cervix that they can't feel movement through. So just try to relax and enjoy your pregnancy. Congrats! :)
I'm about to deliver my second.  Both of these pregnancies seemed flawless- I never once threw up, never had complications, and I didn't need maternity pants til 7-8 months.  The nurse explained to me with my first that I didn't show til late because my hips are so wide (think Beyonce/Kim Kardashian).  Sure, when you're not pregnant, you find ways to hate your womanly body... but when you're pregnant, it works out to your advantage!
As long as you start gaining at least 1 lb a week in the second trimester you should be fine. Women usually gain 0 to 5lbs in the first trimester and some women even lose weight. So i wouldn't worry. Most women don't start showing till they are 16 weeks pregnant or farther along. Some women of course show earlier but it all depends on your body type and the baby.
If it is your first pregnancy it may be week 20 before you show, or more.  If your doctor says you are okay, then you are okay. 

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