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I am being induced on Thursday @ full term, any advice??

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congrats.. I was induced with my little girl in june 09 and everything went fine.. it was a long labor.. 21 hours but I dont know if that had to do with it being an induction or just becuase it was my first baby.. the only thing I wish I had been told was to eat before you go in.. I hadnt ate since the previous night onyl to go in and find out that I was only allowed ice chips until after I had the baby so it had been like 38 hours since I had last ate by the time she arrived and I was starving lol.. might sound silly but I thought I was dying lol and I would recommend the epidural for sure.. I tried it without and once I finally gave in my labor went quicker and much easier since I was able to relax.. good luck =)
I would recommend the epidural as well.  I was induced with my first and the pitocin they put you on to bring on labor causes the contractions to be rougher and stronger.  My labor went much smoother and I was a lot calmer once I finally got my epidural.  It also went quicker.  I was induced around noon and no one had eaten lunch or anything since breakfast.  I got my epidural around 4:30 or 5:00pm and they told my family it would be a while.  My hubby and his parents made it to the drive thru, but not through it because I was going into full, ready to push labor about 6pm.  Bring snacks for your loved ones so they can stick around when it gets good.  lol!   Congrats on your expecting arrival.  Try to relax and enjoy it!  :)
Great advise-about eating ahead of time.I am tinking of getting induced too, if the baby does not come before Dec 31st (thats my due date). I dont want to be pregnant going into the new year and all.
loralosinger - I have a cousin who was born on new years day.  My doctor once told me that Dec 31st is a popular day for inductions because of people trying to get their babies in on this tax year.  LOL!  I thought that was pretty funny, sensible and funny!  :)
Avoid pitocin if you can. I was induced with both of my girls, the first with pitocin, the second they used a cervical suppository and then broke my water. The cervical ripener was MUCH easier on me. Pitocin means contractions EVERY TWO MINUTES for your entire labor. I was miserable for eight hours that way. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy.Now I am 11 weeks with number three. I will have to wait and see if this one will get the hint to come on his/her own. :)Good luck!
I didn't like the pitocin at first.  It made the contractions hurt so badly.  They turned down my pitocin when it looked like my body was taking over on it's own.  But I didn't mind the pitocin once I got my epidural.  I didn't feel anything except pressure and the urge to push and my labor was pretty quick, but that may just be my body too.  My second son was born in 45 minutes and I only pushed for about 15-20 of that.  The important thing to remember is everyone is different and your pregnancies will all be different, what worked for me may not work for you or someone else.  You need to pay attention to your body and talk to your doctors.  Keep an open mind and be comfortable telling people if you are in pain or if somethings not working for you.  Good luck!!!  :)  

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