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I am in the first month of pregnancy I am having pain in the ovarians and bladder also. Is that bad?

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I work hard. Cleaning buildings (the outside) sweeping all day. Can that be the cause? The pain is worse when I sit on a chair. So I prefer to lie down when I am home.

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On my first month of pregnancy i was feeling the same so i went to the hospital and they said i had a bladder infection so i say you go get checked before it gets worst..:)
i am about 6wks along and i also clean buildings full time. i am having pains under my ribs, and a little above and to the left of my belly button. i dont know if it is normal. i didnt have it with my other pregnancies so i am wondering also. i think they are getting better for the most part though, but i think i am just going to get it checked out to be safe, i think its fine though, because it does go away.

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