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I am just about 34 weeks along. I'm starting to feel pressure down there. Should I be worried? I have to go out of town this weekend.

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I feel the pressure mainly when I get up from laying down or sitting.

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I think pressure is normal, but you should ask your doctor what worrisome symptoms might be. And maybe I'm paranoid, but I'd just find out what the closest hospital was to where I was traveling -- you know, just to set my mind at ease.
I am also 34 weeks and have started feeling pressure and it's also very uncomfortable to sit up straight as it feels like the babys head is gonna pop out. My dr. advised me not to travel far away from now til delivery so I would ask your dr. for the best decision.
I would ask your doctor he/she knows you and your pregnancy and can give you the best advice. As far as feeling pressure in your pelvic area that is completely normal. Your baby is rapidly gaining weight threrefor putting more strain on your pelvis causing you to feel presure it's only when your baby drops down into posision that you should start worrying. And your doctor can tell the posision of the baby just by feeling him/her through your abodmen. I would also make yourself familure with local medical facilities just in case if decide to go and worst would happen you'll be prepared.

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