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I am a new mom, I put my 3 month daughter down for tummy time

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I'm a 19 year old new mom, I put my 3 month old daughter down for tummy time, yet she screams so I pick her back up, I want her to learn how to roll over and hold her head up and stuff but I feel bad letting her scream! She can hold her head up but not roll over yet, how do I get her use to tummy time. I also have been letting my baby sleep w me but now I wann get her use to sleeping in her own crib now before she can roll over, not sure how to do this, because I feel bad when she crys, I know she needs learn how self soothe though!! What do I do??

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As far as tummy time, try laying on the floor face to face with her. Talk to her and play with her and I think that will help. :)I am not sure how to go about getting her to sleep in her own bed. I made my kids sleep seperate from the beginning. Maybe try a bassinet in your room to start?Good luck :)
i agree with avitoria if you lay down face to face with her she might not feel like shes down there all alone and maybe she wont cry good luck!
Have you tried doing that on the bed? I agree that you should try to interact with her so she knows she is not alone.
You are just going to have to let her cry out the sleeping in her own bed thing. It is very dangerous for her to be sleeping with you. And I know it's easier. You are just going to have to have some sleepless nights. It maybe easier to place a bassinet beside your bed. But try not to comfort her as she will get use to this.

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