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I am not normal

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Am i crazy because I am going to the doc today just to make sure my babys heart is still beating?!?!? My appt for this month is not till the 28 and i find out what it is that day! I feel nuts

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I'm going to take a guess that you are a first time mom.  And then I'm going to give you some very sound advice.  I was 25 when I was pregnant with my first child, married, low stress job.  Financially we weren't ready for a baby, but emotionally we were ready.  We don't live near any family or friends, so we had no emotional support system other than each other.  I had no friends who were pregnant or had babies so I had no one to lean on.1. Lean on the women on this website.  For the most part they are good women, with good intentions and pretty good advice.2. If you are ever nervous or don't think things are right, go to or call your doctor.3. And this is probably the most important advice I can give you...Relax!  I know you are scared of not hearing that heart beat, worried about what you can and can't do, worried what will and won't be right, but you have to relax.  That my dear is a lesson learned.  I was put on bed rest at 28 weeks, full time - no getting up except to go to the doctor, prenatal classes and the bathroom bed rest!  I could not relax and stop worrying about the might be's that I cause my blood pressure to stay at a constant level of elevation from about 25 weeks on.  I was worried about heart beats, kicks, development, you name it.  High BP for Mommy= Baby in Distress= Baby try to come out WAYYY to early!!! I know it's hard to let go and let God (handle things), but you have to.  Hearing the heart beat is good reassurance, but as you get further and further along your anxiety will not be good for baby, don't end up like me laying in a bed all day because you couldn't stop stressing.My baby boy came out just fine (2 weeks early due to the blood pressure thing), but fine never the less.  I've had one little guy since then and am on baby #3.  I look back now and wish I was the pregnant woman I was with #2 or #3 the first go round and I might have had an easier time.  You aren't crazy, some of us have been exactly where you are, but trust your doctors, your body and God to take care of you.Hope this helps!  :)
I too am a first time mom, and I too have been a worry wart at times. But I totally agree with lissiemel, you have to learn to let go of the worry and trust in your body and your docs. Im now 32 wks along, but back around 26 wks or so, I could swear I didn't feel baby girl move all day. Had me frantic. I called my doc offices nurse help line, and even though they assured me that I was fine and they didnt worry about fetal movement more so till after 30 some weeks along, they scheduled me an appt to see the docs that day. As soon as I get to the docs office, of course, she starts having a dance party in my belly! They dopplered my anyways, since I was there, and of course everything was fine. Dont worry about seeming "nuts," its a good thing you care enough to be concerned. Don't ever hesitate to call the doc if you feel something is wrong, but again trust in the docs, and trust in your body and its abilities. Us women are amazing creatures. =)
It's normal. I am too a first time mom, 35 weeks, and I remember when I had to go to my doctor visit's 1 a month, I would worry about hearing the heart beat, feeling the kicks...just everything. Just try to relax, easier said then done, but I'm sure everything is OK!

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