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I am only 4 weeks...and I am a smoker!!!

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I been trying to quit smoking even before I knew I was pregnant but now that I am I want to quit even more. I heard that if I do cold turkey it will but to munch stress on me, and the peanut that is just starting to grow. What is a good way to quit with little stress, or is it okay to just cut back to like 3-5 smokes a day?

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As soon as i found out i was pregnant i quit cold turkey, even though i have been struggling with anxiety and depression my whole life... not on meds either. My anxiety could be triggered by almost anything and the stress of it is unbelievable. I worry about everything and have even stressed myself to the point of vaginal bleeding and other very scary things. This was before I was pregnant by the way. I have been to the emergency room a couple of times for stress related things and everytime my family doctor always tells me that if i keep doing this it's going to kill me... i'm very young but have nobady, not one friend in the world... i'm so horrified of people that i was on my way to becoming a hermit! I have no family at all that is there for me and the one person that i do have... my fiance, is excited about the baby but doesnt want to hear me talk about cribs and strollers so i do feel like i'm going through this alone alot of the time and the only thing that has ever made me feel better was smoking a cigarette. It was always extremely comforting but the moment i found out i was pregnant i quit cold turkey. I'm still stressed out alot but not all i do is think about how that affecting my baby and it's extremely hard to calm down sometimes especially with the extra emotions that come with pregnancy but in the in i think that if i would have keep smoking it would have been selfish... i know that some people smoke through the whole pregnancy and have healthy babies... my sister-in-law smoked about a pack a day and on top of that she smoked alot of pot and also would drink liquor as well... she had 4 healthy kids, but that doesnt mean that you will be so lucky! I just dont think it's worth the risk and i do believe that if i can do it then so can you. I may not know you but until now i have always felt like a weak and hopeless person but now i feel like i have a second chance to change my life and as hard as it's been i even went to a concert for the first time the other day and loved it...normally going into a crowded store would through me into an axiety attack! All you can do is think about whats best for your baby and take it day by day. Not only is it safer for the baby now it will be safer after they are born too, and i'm sure they wouldnt want their mommy hurting themself either with the cigarettes...
I have only a few weeks left in my pregnancy, and I still havent quit completley. (I know terrible right?)I HAVE though, cut down from a pack a day, to 1 or 2 a day.whenever I try just to have none, I feel sick,and aparently (according to my family...I dont see this) I turn into a monster.heh...if you can quit, then thats awesome! go you! I still have my goal as quitting. but harm reduction is better than nothing (according to my doctor) so cutting down if youre having trouble quitting,is better than nothing. Good Luck!
@ aliciafair My hubby and my got into a big fight b/c last time i tried to quit cold turkey, I also get really sick.... So that why i asked if I cute back will it hurt anything. right now I lonly smoked like 3 today.... normaly by now i'll have a half pack gone.So its okay to smoke like one or two? I got told by like everyone I need to quit like yesterday! @ Sammy_B I too have anxiety, not that bad tho.
Smoking anything at all definatley isnt good for the baby or you,so I wouldnt say it's okay exactly. But Harm reduction is better than I said before, my goal is still to quit,because I want to be able to watch my baby grow up,and I want to be able to run around with my child without being breathless.and you should take into account that what you put into your body,goes into the babys body.and the baby could have some serious health risks if you smoke.But cutting down to a few a day is better than nothing.I try to go as long as I can without smoking every day. it gets easier and easier. so yeah, I'm not promoting smoking just to be clear.
Smoking prevents you from receiving oxygen, which in turn prevents the baby from receiving oxygen.

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