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I am only 6 weeks along and having alot of trouble sleeping. Any advice hints or tips?

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I have never been one to sleep on my side and I find every time I roll onto my back I wake up and its like 3 or 4 times per night and then I have to re-fall asleep every time.

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i never slept on my side always my stomach so it was hard for me... try getting a body pillow it worked for me
Ugh I feel your pain! I'm 18 weeks and my sleeping continues to get worse and worse- I wake up at least 10 times a night. My doctor said it's nature's way of prepping us for when the baby arrives lol. I have found that a body pillow really helps, exercising during the day, as well as trying to drink less around bed time. Also a warm shower right before bed helps me to relax and not stress about things at night- which for me equals crazy dreams! Good luck, and if these don't help try taking a nap when you can or talking to your doctor about other options.

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