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I am only 7 weeks along and I am already getting a baby bump, is this normal?

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well there could be a few different factors,a) you migt be further along than you thinkb) you could be carrying multiplesc) you could have a molar growth.basically your doctor will be able to tell you, looking for an answer online is def not the best thing to do. make an apointment a.s.a.p.! to avoid any problems :) good luck!
I am 7 weeks also and my doctor told me that if I look bigger then I am probably just bloated. The digestive system slows down which will make gas build up in your stomach.
i am kinda having the same issue. i am 14 weeks and i look like i am like 6 months. i have a suspicion that i am having twins, but i do not know for sure. you might have the same issue. you will never know until you talk to your doctor about it. good luck!!

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