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I am planning on breastfeeding. What do I need?

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I am planning on trying to breastfeed this is my first child, and I am not sure what all I need to get? I have seen that they have double breast pumps and wasn't sure if I should get one those or single breast pump, and also what else to buy??? Thanks!

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A double breast pump is great but make sure whatever type of pump you buy, it is a good one. You will also need nursing bras and nursing pads to put in them. Make sure the bra is comfortable because will have to wear it to sleep in for a while. If you are a working mom, then you will need bottles to put the breast milk in so your baby can eat while you are not there. Also you need some storage bottles to stor the milk that you will pump throughout the day.
I would recommend you single breast pump, it will reduce the time of using pump in general. it is recommended to pump just a little to relieve a pressure in your breast. Your body will understand quickly how much milk your baby needs and you can quickly regulate the amount of supplying milk. If you pump too much there will be a lot of supplying. Feed the baby with one breast and pump a little from another, then change. I used Avent breast pump and all stuff (pads, bottles, milk containers), also you need nursing to Anevt pump 
Also you might need some cream to put on your nipples if they get cracked or sore, they sell some at walmart, lansinoh it works great you do not need to wipe it off when nursing.  Also some advice from a mom of two and number three on the way, breastfeeding can be very stressful in the begining, take your time do not get stressed and yes I am not going to lie it will hurt in the beginning, but if you can make it the first two weeks then you are on your way to breastfeeding.  Just be patience with it, it does take hard work and it is great for both you and baby. 
I too wasnt sure what to buy when I decided to try nursing my daughter.. I have a double breast pump and would recommend one to anyone.. I was going to school fulltime and taking this with me made it so that I could take time to go pump milk during the middle of the day. You will need bottles to put the milk in that you do pump if you do the same thing and pump while you are away. Nursing bras, nursing pads to place in the bras and I used cream to put on my nipples at the beginnning because of the cracking and soreness.. I bought mine at walmart and cant remember the name of it for the life of me but it starts with a L and is in a purple tube.. good luck and just be patient.. I am still nursing my daughter who just turned 1 last weekend and am expecting another little one in December and look forward to being able to nurse this baby as well =)
I breast feed my first one 2 years ago and plan on breast feeding my soon-to-be second one soon. The Items I found useful were the following:Double electric breast pump (with carrying bag)A insulated cooler bag to keep the breast milk cool and fresh if you have to go back to work and still pump (I always put those blue ice things in there too, you just put water in this blue plastic thing and then put it in your bottle cooler bag)Baby wipes or wet rag (to wipe off any access breast milk)Nipple cream (your nipples will get raw and sore)Pads to put in your bras (to keep from the leaking going thru your bra)Cheap baby bottles with very good lids (I used these instead of waisting the bags to freeze my extra breast milk in)Bottles that are made for babies that will be breast feeding ( I find that the Avent bottles worked best for me and helped a lot with my daughter's colic)Nursing bras (for easy access for both the baby and/or the pump)
The other gals pretty much covered it, but here's a little more depth: I've heard Medela pumps are the best quality.  Expensive, but it is possible to find used ones if you're not squeamish.  You just replace all the tubing and breast shields with new ones (these are the only parts that come in contact with the milk, so it's totally fine in my opinion).  The Medela 'Pump in Style' comes in a handbag/tote, so it's really portable, and the 'FreeStyle' is a hands-free model if you're a super busy mom. Also, I'd definitely recommend talking to a lactation consultant (if you're having a hospital birth they often have one on staff), and reading a book on breastfeeding to know what to expect.
im gonna breast feed to
well if you're planning to just breast feed with no pumping or anything, then i recommend getting some high quality comfy nursing bras first. you should look into one of the nursing bras i bought, from the brand leading lady. its called "baby sees it" or something like that. basically the pattern on the fabric gets the baby's attention so you can feed without the fussy-ness, i loved it lol
whoops! i just saw the date on this post and its forever ago, sorry! hopefully someone new will see it though and it'll be helpful

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