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I am pregnant with my 3rd and i dont feel like i am growing like i should be. im getting big but i dont feel like the baby is.

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anyone else have that feeling. i mean the dr says im fine. im only 13 weeks. i just remember the baby being bigger at this time with my other 2. im just nervous.

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I don't think you should worry, I had the same fears with mine, but my dr told me maybe I'm not as heavy as I was with the other two. 13 weeks is really too early and I don't think you should stress at all. Just keep with a healthjy routine of eating and you'll be fine.
I wasn't even showing at that point, and had gained maybe a pound or two, so don't worry about it.  Every baby is different :)
My last child is when I gained the most baby weight, even by my 13th week I felt A LOT bigger, like your self.  How much have you gained?  And did you gain a lot of weight during your previous 2(lucky if you didn't!!! I had to work mine off after everyone! lol)  Good luck!

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