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i am really scared of losing my baby what can i do to make sure that i dont ??? and be more relaxed for mine and the babys sake???

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First off unless you are having complications, have been diagnosed with something that would make you lose the baby, and aren't nearing your 40's then the risk of losing a baby is pretty slim.  You will be fine.  I would say talk to your ob doctor and they will reassure you that you will be fine.  I know first pregnancies can be terrifying and we tend to over react to everything.  Believe me I am on my 4th pregnancy and to me now it seems like a breeze.  Just stop worrying and relax.
I had the same problem.  When i finally came to accept the fact that this was NOT something i could control or influence I began to relax SOME.  All you can do is be healthy, be safe, make healthy choices, take care of yourself, go to the doctor when scheduled and just know that no matter what... you did/are doing everything you can to make sure that you are being the best vessel for your baby as possible.  I agree that everything will probably be just fine if you are not in the high risk category or have had some sort of previous trauma.  Try to relax... it truly is better for you and baby when you do.  Plus, this is an AMAZING time for a woman... try to soak it up and enjoy every moment of this time with your baby...

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