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I am really undecided on my babies name. My husband likes Destinee and I like Helena neither of us will compromise? Help me?

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I am actually naming my daughter Olivia-Monae Yalana what do you think about that. Now about names I think choosing a name is very important when you already know what you want the name to reflect. Destinee is commonly used but he spelled it different which is great on the other hand Helena is elegant. How about Delena Michelle or Ariyet Danay those are some that you can play around with. Good Luck.
Or if you don't have a middle name, you could use both names for the child, one as a first name and the other as a middle. I basically got my middle names from our ancestors. Good Luck!
I think it's great that your husband is so involved in your baby's name!  If you are planning on having more than one, compromise by , I name the first, you name the second.  My brother and his wife did that.  But they had 6 kids so there were plenty of opportunities to name the baby.  If you aren't planning on having more than one or two, it's really tough to make the compromise, especially where you both have names you really like.  At any rate, you can decide to use both, one as the first name, and the other as the middle name, then wait until she is born and  see if she looks more like a Destinee or a Helena.(I've always thought that as the mom, you should have the final say! You carry and deliver the baby!)
ok then name her both destinee helena or helena destinee im naming my baby carlie navaya if its a girl and skyler mason for a boy
My husband and I just had our first baby boy Carson in december 8th. Choosing baby names was one of the hardest because I like unique names and he like traditional. What we did is had a list of 5 names and we didnt name him until we met our son for the first time. You could like both names but when you daughter comes out and you meet your little girl for the first time you might look at her and those names just dont seem to fit your little princess. Dont stress over the name, Just let all the pieces come

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