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I am six days late, so far. What changes should I expect?

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Will there be changes in cervical mucus? I've never been pregnant before and no one ever tells you of the minute details of not getting your period especially when you're VERY regular otherwise. What kinds of things should I expect to see right away that might give me a clue as to whether or not I am with child.

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Well the thing that got me to notice was how badly my breast hurt even with the slightest touch. You get a little bit thicker discharge and you may feel more tired through out the day. Just wait a week after your supposed menstral cycle than take a test. to be safe take it in the morning with your first urination. that is when the pregnancy hormone is at its highest.
I would suggest to just take a test to find out.. and yes use your first morning urine.. my first sign with both of my babies was a missed period.. I had been feeling tired and ill with our daughter the first time but didnt think anything of it until the missed period.. good luck and hope you get the answer you are looking for =)

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