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i am so confused...somebody please help?

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okay. so heres my situation. i want to be a mommy, i feel totally ready. i had sex (unprotected) on the 7th. here it is the 23rd, and i have symptoms of pregnancy. i am tired a lot, feeling very emotional in the sense that almost everything makes me cry, i am very dizzy and lightheaded when im standing up, and sometimes even sitting down, i am hungry like every 2-3 hours, i feel sick to my stomach often, i had a couple of horrible headaches, and i have heartburn frequently. not to mention the veins in my breasts show up more than usual. they are not sore though. i took a test on thursday night, i thought i saw a faint line and i asked my friends to look at it and we held it under a light and they both said they deffinately saw it too. however, i took two the next day and they were both negative. i'm feeling very dicouraged, even though i felt so sure just days ago that there was a baby in here. someone help, do you think i could be pregnant and maybe that two weeks is just too early to pick the hormone up? do you think my friends and i just saw the line cuz we wanted to maybe? do you think that i could be having symptoms because my body thinks its pregnant cuz i want it to be so badly? whats going on???? help! please!

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the same thing happen to me, i would just take a pregangcy test i took 3 and all had 2 bright pink lines! gezz tha was a shocker
Give it a few more days. Most tests are designed to work when your period is about 3 to 5 days late, or when you are about 3 weeks after conception.Good luck!
I found out I was prego when I was about 5 weeks along and it barely showed up at all. It could be that you want it too badly but I do know it can just barely show up. Just calm down and relax. Try again in a few more days and use the first pee in the morning. Good luck! :)
I didnt find out until I was 6 weeks along with my daughter and then 5 weeks this time with my son.. So I would say wait a little bit and if you miss your period then take a test.. I can tell you from experience that with this pregnancy I tried taking a test a couple days before my missed period and it didnt show anything but i had a feeling that I was so waited and after being a week late I took another 2 and they were both positive.. so taking the test too early can really affect the results.. good luck =)
i would deff wait till atleast the day ur periods supposed to come or a few days later..i took one 2 days before i was supposed to miss my period and it was positive..good luck! i hope u r
thank you all very much!!! i'm feeling a lot more confident because today i looked closer at one of the negative ones and sure enough another light pink line. three friends all saw it too. is it okay that the lines are so faint?? i'm taking folic acid and i am trying to take very good care of my body to make sure i have a healthy baby.
you should go get tested at the doctors. to make sure
you should go get tested at the doctors. to make sure
Be careful looking at the tests after a certain period of time, because lines can appear after the fact due to deteriation of the test.  It's not necessairly that the line is there because you are pregnant.  I had two tests do that before, an hour later there was a line for pregnant and I wasn't.  I called the doctor and they said that it's how the tests are, even the negatives ones if you wait too long to view them can show the line.  Take it first thing in the morning, your first urine of the day is best.  Start taking your vitamins.  If you are trying to get pregnant it's best to start your body on them anyway.  I stopped using the tests with lines after that and switched to pregnant or not pregnant...there's no question on it then.  It's disappointing to see not pregnant but so rewarding to see pregnant when you finally get too.  Good luck!

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