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I am so scared of having a c-section!

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I have a adnomal placenta and my cervix is two far down and to the right so im scared about a csetion. They take alot longer to heal .I want to try natural birth but my ob, said that its almost impossible.

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I had a c-section with my son, due to his size he was 11lbs 4oz. Even though a c-section was not in my plan, the health of my baby was all that mattered at that point. So I labored all day, and then had a c-section. I was up and walking around the next day, with pain meds of course, but when I left the hospital I was only on ibupropen. After 2 weeks the only struggle I had was sleeping on my belly, but I had just spent the previous 9 months on my side so it wasn't an issue.I know what it's like to have your ideal, natural birth detoured a little bit by not going according to plan. But a c-section is nothing to be afraid of. When you are healing listen to your body. I am pregnant with #2 and I will be having another c-section, I will not attempt a vbac. Make sure you ask yoru Dr tons of questions, the what if's eased my mind tremendously. Especially since a c-section wasn't in my plan until 2 hrs before my son arrived!Good luck!
Being a 1st time mommy I have found that watching shows on Discovery Channel like "Deliver Me: Home Edition" and "Birthday" are helping me understand and see the other side of the operating table and helping me learn and understand my options, time limits and I think it might help. Also I'm one of  those who makes a list of questions and things I don't understand to talk to my OB about. Hope this helps as well!
Ask your questions... Get comfortable with the situation... With my first I had to have an emergency c-section and didn't have any time to deal with the news. I think knowing ahead of time you can have time to settle into the situation. Whatever your dr thinks is going to be best for you and baby. Just get your thoughts and questions out there so you'll be more at ease. I didn't have any longer of a healing time than other mom's that I know who had vaginal births. I didn't have any problems after the c-section whatsoever. I'm pregnant with my second and still trying to weigh my options of another c-section or trying a vbac. Good Luck! Everything will be worth it once that baby arrives!! :)
I too had to have an un-planned c-section with my son this year. I agree with the other ladies on here--c-sections are not that bad. it is a little longer recovery time, but you get so much more help because of it! i got 3 days of help with breastfeeding in the hospital instead of just 24 hours like with a vag birth, i didn't feel any pain birthing my son, and wasn't in any pain for like 12 hours after the birth so i could enjoy being with my son pain-free:-) (of course because i was on pain meds--which are totally safe for breastfeeding) in fact the only pain i had was the first time i had to get out of bed to stand up it stung a little bit and sitting up kinda hurt for a few weeks. but i wouldn't think its any worse than what a vag birth feels like, just in a different spot! and when i left the hospital the only meds i took was ibuprofen for pain. a couple days i had to take vicodin, but that's it. but seriously, if you've been in labor all day and pushing for hours like i did and nothing is happening, you just want your baby out and a c-section is totally safe. its almost safer than a vag birth because its controlled whereas a vag birth anything could happen. and threre's no chance of tearing with a c-section! hope that helps. best wishes:-)

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