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I am so uncomfortable! PLEASE HELP!??

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I am 26 weeks pregnant with twins and I just can't get comfy in bed. My back and belly hurt so bad, my belly feels like I've over eaten at thanksgiving X10, therefore I am not sleeping very well. Does anyone have any ideas what I can do to get a little bit of rest??

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put a pillow under your belly for support and one inbetween your knees and one behind you that worked for me cause it supports everything
A birthing ball or yoga ball is so nice during pregnancy. Sitting on it helps ease back pain.  
Go see a chiropractor!  Seriously, it's done me wonders, and they'll usually work on a sliding scale if your insurance doesn't cover adjustments and your income is low.  Regular chiropractic adjustments throughout pregnancy have been shown to shorten labor and make everything go more smoothly, too :)  Might also help you keep the babies in there longer, which is always the goal with twins.  Other than that, the knee pillow is definitely the best, like newmomma12 said.  I haven't tried the others (I'm just at 19 weeks right now), but those are probably good too.  Good luck!
my back hurts to i cant sleep that good either maybe try using a body pillow

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