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I am taking clomid, how long does it take to conceive?

3 answers
I am taking progesterone and Clomid I just want to know a time frame if any at all how long it takes to conceive? I am going nuts looking up every site I can find. Thought I'd ask a mom.

answers (3)

I am 21 weeks pregnant with Twin Boys thanks to Clomid. I took one round and we were pregnant. I was told that it is usually successful within the first 6 months. GOOD LUCK!
I took the lowest does of clomid for the first 3 months.  My doctor decided to increase the dose and I was pregnant by month 4.
I took clomid for 6 months and nothing, now I'm trying another round to see if this time it work. Don't give up it will happen for both of us!!!

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