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I am trying to put together a labor/delivery playlist. Does anyone have any good song suggestions?

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So far I have some songs by Paul Simon, Tom Petty, James Taylor and Peter Gabriel. These are some of the types of artists that I like, but not limited to. I was just looking for some other suggestions or what worked for you during labor. Thanks!

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I listened to the Legend CD by Bob Marley all through my labor with baby#1--when I heard him sing "is this love that I'm feeling" it came right through to me in Laborland and I realized that the pain I was feeling was truly love--and that my baby was going to be born soon! ENJOY!
I am very eclectic in my musical tastes....I loaded up my IPod with my favorite music.  Something I can just forget the world with.  hopefully it will work!
howabout Alicia Keys: Superwoman?haha...I just listened to Pump it by Black Eyed peas. its kinda about the group, but the whole Pump it thing got me.

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