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I am very worried. I have only had a little bit of nausea. Is this normal?

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This is my third pregnancy. I have a four year old son and I had a miscarriage a couple of months ago. The doctor confirmed the pregnancy, but this time it is different. I have only had a little bit of sickness and nausea. With my first pregnancy I had morning sickness all day long for the first three months. With the miscarriage pregnancy I had no symptoms at all. So I am a little worried I am about 9 weeks pregnant. Please help? I go in for an ultrasound on Thursday.

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I've felt that same way as you but so far my pregnany is going smoothly.  I'm 5 months along and have been mostly symptomless the whole time. My stomach was doing flip flops around week 6 but never any major nausea.  I was afraid I would miscarry since my aunt experience a neausa-free pregnancy with her 5th child and miscarried early on; but so far so good and the baby has been moving like crazy.  You probably have nothing to worry about and hopefully your worries will subsde when you see your first ultrasound photo. :)
I am on my 4th pregnancy and every time I have been pregnant the nausea has been different.  With my first son it was about medium I threw up and felt awful, but I could still function. It only lasted 2 months. With my second son I had bad morning sickness and could barely get out of bed.  It was like I had the flu for 3 months.  With my third son I threw up a total of 10 times and my morning sickness only lasted for a month.  With my 4th I had really bad morning sickness.  I felt like I had the flu, but also I had a very bad migrane all day and I couldn't get out of bed very long without feeling awful.    If your ob doctor says that everything is fine then it is.  Once you go in for that ultrasound and see your little one moving and kicking in there you will feel a lot better.
Just like every woman is different, every pregnancy is different.  Certain THINGS in each of your pregnancies may be the same, but it's a totally different baby inside of you.  There seems to be a stigma that morning sickness is an absolute necessary side effect of pregnancy- I've had two healthy, full- term pregnancies, one a boy, one a girl, and never got sick once.  Do you want to be sick?  It's not something to be disappointed about- there's women out there barfing their brains out for months on end- rock it while you can!
Im the same way i have had very little morning sickness and im completely fine. I think everybody is just different you should feel lucky your not sick all the time. I know i am
you will be fine. i never got sick with my first 2 but now, smells are awful and everything makes me want to spew now. im 12 weeks. sum you are sick, others your not

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