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I am a waitress and I need to find good health insurance. Where would I begin looking? I want good affordable health insurance for me and

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my baby and fiancee and I don't know the right questions to ask or if I am getting gipped. Please help!!!!

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Check your state website first.  They often have programs for people - they are more affordable and comprehensive.
As much as people may look down on this, I'm a full supporter of state medical. Not only is it affordable but when you know not to be afraid to ask ANY QUESTION that you feel important you get great health coverage. I've never had any problems with my state medical (usually comes as medicaid), and I get alot of great coverage. I got the choice of midwife or doctor to primarily see, (i chose midwife in Washington and doctor in Colorado) I've had two ultrasounds (two more to go baring no complications) and all of my blood work and screening done for free.The best way to start is ask around. If you were seeing a doctor before stick with him or her or see if they have any suggestions. Ask a friend (thats what I did in Washington), and got turned on to a great service called Maternity Support Services. If your not in Washington go down to your local state health department and get your investigation on! They key to finding the health coverage you need for cheap is TRY TRY TRY and ASK ASK ASK.Best of luck and don't be afraid to ask anything. I love my health coverage and I can afford free! Thats what your state is help you out. Hope this helps and don't be affraid to ask me anything about state health. I've looking into it a great deal!

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