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I around 7 weeks and had pretty bad nausea for a week or so, and now it seems better. Some days seem worse than others. Is this normal?

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I was pretty sick for 5 days in a row, nauseaus all day and then sick at night. The last two days or so I don't feel much nausea and now I am worried something is wrong. I don't go for my first appointment until Wednesday. This is my first pregnancy so I am filled with all kinds of questions.

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You're more than fine.  Morning sickness IS a way to tell that your body is responding to your pregnancy, but it's in no way a requirement for a healthy pregnancy.  If your stint with nausea is over, just keep rolling with the punches.  It very well could return, and that's normal also.  Some women are sick for nine months, some never get sick at all.
With my first I was sick every day all day for nine months, second pregnancy never had morning sickness and with this third one only on certain days.  It helps me if I take it slow in the morning and start with a slice of peanut butter bread (carbs soak up bile and peanut butter is good protein) and then open the windows and doors for fresh air.  My doctor suggested taking B6 in the mornings and evenings.  Yes it is perfectly normal though.
You are perfectly fine.  That is the morning sickness setting in.  It is one of the first signs of pregnancy.  Sometimes women don't get morning sickness at all and sometimes it can be really hard on you.  With my first son I had normal morning sickness, with my second son it was terrible morning sickness, with my third son I only had morning sickness for a week, and with my 4th that I am pregnant for right now.  I had severe morning sickness.  It just depends on your body and how well it is taking to the pregnancy.  So don't worry about it.  But if you are really concerned then talk to your ob doctor about it.

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