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I cannot sleep restfully, is the preg. pillow really helpful?

4 answers
I have a body pillow, just a really long one, and it doesn't seem to help much, I've tried so many dif ways to sleep, on each side and what not and cannot seem to get a restful sleep, is there anything you guys can suggest? I'm 26weeks btw.

answers (4)

I have a pillow wedge.. i  love it!!! best thing ever for me anyways and im 33 weeks... the body pillow stopped working after a while...
I'm only 18 weeks and the body pillow has worked a lot better for me than just regular pillows. I don't have any other kinds so I can't give advice but I can sympathize. I hope you find something that helps sweetie! Good luck:)
I have the pillow that looks like a big c, I got it when I was about 6 months and have loved it. It also offers different positions so you can use it after baby is born. I think is was a good investment.
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