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I did my pht on dec 6 n it say I am pregnant bt wth confusingI me is t

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The confusing thing is that I ve been in the states since nov 6 n I last saw my period nov 3 but over the past week I been feelin dazzy, eati alot, sleepi n tired so I did the home test n it say I am pregnant, my hubby n I ve had sex almost everyday since my arrival till now but I am confuse cuz I talk to a friend n she said I might be around 5 weeks pregnant when I been here for that amount of time. So, when did I actually concieve cuz I Dnt ve my health insurance yet but I started taking the prenatal DHA pills, pls help me out here

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Pregnancy is counted from the first day of your last period. So yes, you are about 5 weeks, but you didn't actually conceive until the end of week two or maybe the beginning of week three. Confusing, I know. I used the WebMD calculator and if your last period started on Nov 3, your due date will be August 10. Most OBs don't even bother to see patients until 8 to 12 weeks so don't freak about not seeing someone right away.Good luck with everything :)
Thanks so much, now I understand n I appreciate ur advise

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