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I don't feel pregnant!

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I was told I was 7 weeks pregnant. I haven't experienced any symptoms other than a few cramps here and there. Is that normal?

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Yes, its totally normal to feel the cramps. Have you felt tired? Are your breast sore? (Mine are) ugh! I am 7 weeks today and I've also been expieriencing loss of appetite. The cramps are due to your uterus expanding for the baby.
I am 7 weeks and I wasn't experiencing symptoms either, I have sore boobs now and some nausea and tiredness-but last week I didn't have any.  I think it's totally normal.
Its completely normal. I dont have any symptoms either. My boobs dont hurt and i had no nausea. I was a little tired but i feel fine now. I thought something was wrong with me but i went to the doctor the other day and she told me everything is fine and im now 12 wks. It was great to hear the baby's heartbeat. So dont worry your just one of the lucky ones. 
The pregnancy symptoms are like side effects.  Some get them and some don't.  It varies from woman to woman or even pregnancy to pregnancy.  It is completely normal to not have any symptoms.  Just wait until the doctor does the first ultrasound.  That will ease your mind.  Be thankful that you aren't having morning sickness, sore nipples, or feeling tired all the time.
i'm also 7 weeks pregnant! i have no symptoms other than the slight cramping every now and then throughout the day and i feel a little more sleepy than usual!  i definitely dont feel pregnant but i suppose we should be thankful we dont have morning sickness? :)
You're one of the lucky ones! With my first, I had moderate morning sickness all day, loss of appetite, extreme fatigue, etc.  I'm now pregnant with Baby #2, and I haven't had many symptoms at all. My boobs were pretty tender, but I never got morning sickness, never dealt with food aversions, and was only moderately tired (which I chalk up more to having a toddler at home than I do to my pregnancy). When I told my doctor that I was worried that I didn't "feel" pregnant, he told me to consider myself lucky to not have to deal with all the unpleasantness that I dealt with last time. Then he performed an ultrasound and I saw my little one and heard his/her heartbeat!  So, consider yourself one of the lucky ones - you're able to enjoy your pregnancy from the very beginning, rather than having to deal with the yucky side effects for the first three months!
I will be 8 weeks on Monday.  You are definatley lucky not to feel pregnant yet.  I am sure you would preffer that over the morning sickness, extreme fatigue and headaches.  A few more weeks and you will start to feel prego. 
I am 7w 2d today - you are definitely lucky not to have any symptoms! This is #3 for me (I have a 4 and 3 yr old) and I am already starting to show, I am very tired (though I can attribute this to chasing around toddlers all day as well), my boobs hurt worse some days vs. others, but I've been very picky about what I eat (not much sounds good) and have normal bouts of nausea (as well as a couple days of full on throwing up for 12 hours).  I do daycare, so I find myself wishing I wasn't experiencing so many pregnancy symptoms so early in my pregnancy, but I guess he/she is reminding me that they're in there :)
I'm about 11 weeks now and so far i have had no morning sickness. in the very begining i didnt even know i was pregnant but now i feel very nausea sometimes and i get very tired now. i sometimes have sore breast and can be senstive to touch. i get headaches sometimes but i think its all normal i am just one of the luck ones i guess that havnt got sick yet! :)
I've been "Lucky" I guess so far. I'm about 10 weeks pregnant with my second child and all I have is cramping and tiredness. When I was pregnant with my first child. I had very sore breast, 6 months of all day nausea, sensitivity to smells that would make me sick, and tiredness. I think that's why I'm a little worry because this time there's no nausea, breast tenderness, etc. I guess I should consider myself lucky, but I won't feel that way until my first appointment this Wednesday. ;-) 1st child I was 25 when she was born.2nd child I will still be 28 when he/she is born. (My boyfriend decided to get me an extra special bday present this year!) lol

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