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Since I don't have insurance yet, I am super scared and nervous that I may lose the baby and

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not know it. I am 5 weeks tomorrow and honestly scared out of my wits. I want this baby more than anything and I know anything can happen during the first trimester, so how can I ensure that my baby is growing and healthy until I can make it to the dr?

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Go to the store and get some childrens vitams and take two a day its the same as a prenatal vitamin, go to the health department and ask them about at home care. they come to your home and help you. idk were you live but i am in michigan and i have health plan of michigan, and there has to be some kind of free insurance and with you being pregnant they wont deny you.
I have taken childrens vitamins before with my first child untill i was able to get to the doctor. with my second child i had went to walmart and gotten an over the counter prenatal vitamins, and when i showed up at the doctors office they were overly happy to hear i had taken them, so either is a good idea. I am pregnant with my third child about 7 weeks, i know how you feel!
U can get prenatal vitamns at just about any grocery store or stores like walmart and target. They have exactly what u need versus childrens vitamins. It is also a good idea to take a dha supplement , some prenatal vitamins have this included some don't (read the labels) if it does not have dha in it there is a product called expecta which is especially for pregnant women. U can find these in the vitamin section. Just relax and enjoy your pregnancy! 
I know exactly how you feel. I have insurance but it doesn't cover pregnancy. My state offers an insurance to woman who are pregnant so hopefully I can get it. I too want to hurry up and get to the doctor to make sure all is ok. I keep having those same fears. But I'm finding after reading different questions on here my fears are subsiding. As for the vitamins I found one called Vitafusion, they are gummy vitamins. They have prenatal ones. I found them at Target. they don't bother my sensitive tummy.

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