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i dropped at 28 weeks and im 32 weeks now, will i go anytime soon?

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i went to the docter at 28 weeks and she said she could feel the babys head and the baby was down, she put me on pelvic rest, but havent dialated. i am now 32 weeks and 2 days, will i go anytime soon?

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With my first son, I dropped early (26 weeks) but didn't dialate until 35 weeks (only 1 tiny cm) and still didn't have him until 37 weeks. I think you're least for a few more weeks :)
I agree I think you're safe too. When I went to my 29 week ultrasound they said the baby was in the head down position. I get checked for dialation for the first time next week at my 35-36 week appointment. I'd say you have a good case of the wishful thinking like me
well this is my 3rd child. i dont remember dropping with my 1st one. i had him on his due date, my 2nd one i dropped and had him 2 weeks later, he was 2 weeks early. they say the more kids you have he faster they come, but ive been in alot of pain here lately and my contractions are getting painful, real painful but the doc said it was normal.
Hmm, thats definitely something to ponder on I guess. I'm 29 weeks along with my second son and have dropped, he's head down, and I'm dialated 1 cm...but still not due til May 21. Scientifically due dates can be off by up to 3 it's possible you are further along. Besides, national average of births is at 35 weeks...not 40. :) I hope that helps.
well im due april 26th and they have told me that they want to induce after april 19th bc with my 2nd son, i had him in 4 mins. they dont want that to happen again. im ready for her to come but not to soon.
i dropped with my son at 26 weeks also and dilated to 1 at 28 weeks but i didn't have him til 2 days before his due date. But i have the problem to not fully progress. I couldn't dilate past 2.  Every pregnancy is different  so if you get to the point where you are truly worried about it then i'd talk to your doctor. good luck and congrats!!!

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